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Professional teeth whitening
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Beautiful and healthy
teeth to a higher
quality of life

To smile was and remains our greatest weapon, it is
necessary to have healthy and white teeth

Healthy teeth are
possible lifetime

It is necessary to pay attention to diet
in order to maintain the function of chewing
Stomatološka ordinacija mr.sci.dr. Jasna Leko Stomatološka ordinacija mr.sci.dr. Jasna Leko Stomatološka ordinacija mr.sci.dr. Jasna Leko

Welcome to our private practice

Healthy smile for the whole family

Using the most recent diagnostic teehnologies associated with great stomatological knowledge and longtimeexperience we provide our patients with high standard of stomatological protection.

Dental stomatological surgery Mr sci dr Jasna Leko offers services of remedy and healing the teeth as well as making prosthetic works, children's and preventive stomatology and aesthetic stomatology.

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Our Services

Here you can find only a small portion of the entire range of our services

Emergency Care

  • preview and tips
  • extraction of teeth
  • individual dental imaging – DIGITAL TECHNIQUES – RVG
  • Making adhesive bridges
  • Ultrasound tub for cleaning dentures
    • In difficult hygiene prostheses (stationary and patients with difficult motor skills) increased formation of deposits on the surface of the prosthesis causing wearing becomes uncomfortable because of the appearance of burning in the mouth.
    • Cleaning dentures in ultrasound tubs is done by ultrasonic vibration and at the same time is disinfected ultraviolet light and
      deodorizing with silver ions.
    • Thus cleansed prosthesis brings instant relief problems related to the difficulty in hygiene dentures.
      prevencija_oralnih_bolesti_03 prevencija_oralnih_bolesti_01 prevencija_oralnih_bolesti_02

Kids Dentist

  • topical application of fluoride
  • fissure sealing the dairy and permanent premolars and molars
  • Treatment of milk and permanent teeth
  • education on hygiene and nutrition
  • treatment of early caries with ozone, without grinding and painlessly

djecja_stomatologija_01 djecja_stomatologija_02 djecja_stomatologija_03


SimplySmile – Transparent braces
Do you want straight teeth, but with no fixed braces? An important you complete invisibility braces and a high level of benefits at any time could be right! It is a set of transparent splints, which are made according to precise prints jaw special CAD / CAM technology. The program, under the guidance of experts, the real simulation therapy and for each phase shifting teeth made one splint. Splints should be worn 20 hours a day – removed only during meals. When a splint make a difference for which it is designed, we proceed to the second, and so by the end of therapy. The main advantage aligner lies in their invisibility and elegance wearing. It is important to note that success depends on the discipline of the patient.



Transparent (invisible) braces novelty on the market ..
More than 20.godina present in the United States and the EU.

This type of mobile braces is becoming more popular, especially in adults, it can straighten your teeth without unsightly metal braces.

How does SimplySmile?
SimplySmile consists of a set of transparent thin splint that change with the progress of therapy. Splints changing patient himself, without a dentist. They will be designed and manufactured precision computer CAD / CAM technology based on silicon prints and Bite registrations taken in practice. The process of making a splint from entering the clinic to the initiation of therapy is approximately 3 weeks, and requires only 2 coming to the dentist. Before starting treatment, it is possible in a special program to visualize the progress of teeth and final appearance set of teeth after treatment, which is very convenient because the patient sees the result in advance.

How long is the treatment?
Splints should be worn 20 hours a day – removed only during meals. When a splint make a difference for which it is designed, we proceed to the second, and so by the end of therapy. The therapy lasts an average of 3-8 months.


Because there is the multiple consequences of tooth loss it needs to be replaced as soon as possible with prosthetic device.

  1. Fix prosthetics
    • Making all types of prosthetic replacments that are permanently cemented to the tooth and is not removed from the mouth:
    • Ceramic bridges and crowns on metal -nonmetal (Zirconia ceramics)
    • Making Aesthetic veneers
    • Making Adhesive bridges without driling the tooth carriers with the help Ewer stick fiber
  2. Making all kinds of upgrades
    • Upgrades are kind of pins that create as foothold for restorative dental restoration (filling or crown), and anchored in the root canal
    • Laboratory cast upgrades of metals on the basis of individual print
    • Upgrades of composite reinforcement fibers (ready-made)
    • Individual aesthetic upgrade of Ewer stick glass fiber
  3. Dentures
    • Making Full and partial acrylic dentures
    • Making Wironit prosthesis with no visible checkmark (atachmen)
    • Making Hypoallergenic denture
    • Making reduced dentures on implants
    • Making a combined fixed-mobile works




Non-invasive facial aestethetics

Dental office Leko is Allergan – (Juvederm) and Restylane authorized office.

Treatments performed by mr. sc. Jasna Leko dr.med.dent , Member CROATIAN SOCIETY FOR facial aesthetics CROATIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION

The range of Juvederm products in the dental office Leko:
Dental fillers Juvederm company ALLERGEN mild, renewing injecting dermal fillers that can be used for various purposes, but particularly for filling lines and wrinkls. It can also be used for the restoration of the fullness of the cheeks and chin areas and to improve the appearance of lips.

We use:
Juvederm volume for non-surgical face returning volume
Juvederm Volbella to fill the volume of the lips
Juvederm Volift for filling deep, medium and deep wrinkles around the mouth
These treatments have a good safety profile and provide a natural look and long lasting results.


Botox Cosmetic, company Allergen in Europe is known as Vistabella.

BOTOX very effectively removes wrinkles around the eyes, forehead lines, wrinkles around the nose and to a large extent can refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of the face. Injection of botox treatment lasts 5 to 10 minutes and with minimal discomfort stitches mikronidle no other inconvenience, and very rarely at the injection site may appear less blue skin that disappears over the next 24 to 48 hours.
The effect of Botox is evident after 2-5 days, maximizes the up to 14 days and such a hold four to six months, when, without any fear, may be repeated applications.
Botox, which must be performed by licensed and trained physician is extremely safe, botox metabolized exclusively locally at the site of injection and does not spread to other parts of the body.
Since this product is used in medicine for more than 30 years, and is also applied in neurology and ophthalmology, its application in aesthetic medicine is only an indicator of the safety of this therapy.

In addition Juvederm dermal fillers office uses and Restylane dermal fillers

Treatments facial rejuvenation dermal fillers are fast, simple, affordable and non-surgical. Treatment to restore and improve the characteristics of a face in a way that is pain-free injections placed in strategic points beneath the skin. Juvederm gives the face fullness and shape it, while maintaining a natural, symmetrical and balanced look.

Dentistry of root canal or Endodontics

  1. Endodontics
    Endodontics is a procedure that involves treatment of the root canal. The root canal is situated in the soft gum tissue, blood vessels, nerves. Due to deep caries an inflammation of soft dental tissue in the root canal and toothache. Large nuber of bacteria leads to inflammation that causes the decay of soft tissue in the root canal. Inflammation can lead to periapical changes (granuloma)
    Dental office Leko is equipped with a sophisticated device for machine processing painless root canal in one to two visits. At the same time digital measurement depth of root canal errors are kept to a minimum.
    ljecenje_zubi_i_korijenskih_kanala_05 ljecenje_zubi_i_korijenskih_kanala_04
  2. Fixsing decayed tooth with modern biometric restorative materials and methods.
  3. Development of composite inlay and owerlaya as an alternative to making crowns
    ljecenje_zubi_i_korijenskih_kanala_01 ljecenje_zubi_i_korijenskih_kanala_02 ljecenje_zubi_i_korijenskih_kanala_03


  • For those dissatisfied with a lack of one or more teeth.
  • There is no need for driling healthy and intact teeth.
  • For those dissatisfied with conventional dentures, which in many cases causes disturbances in chewing and normal speech, as well as the fear that the dentures fall.
  • In practice we use implants as
    • carrier of individual crowns
    • carrier for bridges
    • carrier for reduced prosthesis
  • All implants we use minimally invasive (Champion implants)
    • no surgery
    • no swelling after implant placement

implantologija_05 implantologija_07 implantologija_02 implantologija_03 implantologija_06 implantologija_08


  1. Prophylaxis of periodontal pockets
    In practice we conduct a complete prophylaxis parodotalnih disease:
    Prophylaxis includes:

    1. Ultrasound descaling
    2. Supragingival cleaning plack
    3. Subgingival (deep) cleaning of periodontal pockets
    4. Rinse periodontal pockets
    5. Apliction prophylactic gel in disposable spoons for 20 min
    6. Periodontal bandage if necessary

    Supra and subgingival treatment of periodontal pockets conduct with Air Flow method. Air-Flow is an ideal device for both antiseptic and for supragingival prophylaxis. Developed for application in deep periodontal pockets, Air-Flow penetrates into the depth of the periodontal pocket, removes the biofilm and helps prevent periodontal disease. A reliable and fast, providing maximum comfort for the patient, without damaging the surface of the teeth reduces the amount of bacteria, strengthens the gums and reduces the depth of pockets, without causing damage to the root cement.
    Supragingival AIR-FLOW extention is intended for supragingival use. Shafts operate on the principle of optimizing turbulence mixes air and powder.

    The treatment is a complete painless during descaling, supragingival and subgingivanog cleaning teeth / roots, both in shallow and deep periodontal pockets.
    parodontologija_02 parodontologija_03

  2. Development (aesthetic) splint of Ewer stick fiberglass on moving, of loose teeth Periodontologic splints can significantly extend the life of periodontitis affected teeth.

Our staff

Constant education of our staff are able to provide you the best service
mr.sci.dr Jasna Leko

mr.sci.dr Jasna Leko

Mr. sci. Jasna Leko dr. Med. dent. was born in Slavonski Brod. Dental School ended in Zagreb. By 1990, she has worked in the polyvalent dental office in Slavonski Samac, and since 1991 the Health Center Slavonski Brod, in the outpatient clinic of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry. Private dental clinic opened in 1999 in Slavonski Brod.

In 1995, scientific thesis on the topic of minor anomalies in children with Hypodontia, defended at the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb in the class excellence. She has participated in several European and world dental congress.

Member of:
member of the administrative council of the Croatian Society for Child and Preventive Dentistry Medical Association
Croatian Society for facial aesthetics Croatian Medical Association
Croatian doctor's Assembly
member of the committee for cooperation with insurance companies HKDM
Croatian Catholic Medical Section of the society-dentist CMA
Croatian Society for Palliative Medicine CMA
Croatian Society of Pediatric
He is a member of the Presidency of the Association of Health Care Employers
Founder and president of the Association for the Prevention of caries Brod Posavina
Founder of the Association of private dentists in Slavonski Brod
-Invited Speaker at the international conference on palliative care, Slavonski Brod 2015, with the theme: The role of dental medicine in palliative care.
-Invited Lecturer at the Congress of Ethics in dental medicine, Zagreb 2015 with the theme: Ethics studies in children in preventive dentistry
-Invited Speaker at the symposium with international participation: SPECIFICS Palliative Care in Dalmatia: the coast, the hinterland and islands, Zadar 16 to 17 October 2015.


mr.sci.dr Jasna Leko

Ivana Sušak

Ivana Sušak

Born in Slavonski Brod in 1988, where she finishes School of nursing, dental assistant


Ivana Sušak

dental assistant

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    What Our Patients Say About Us

    The experience of our patients on treatment in our dental practice

    Because of the loss of a single tooth, I was very unhappy and I was looking for the best solution to fill this gap and to not have to sacrifice adjacent teeth were healthy. Dr. Leko we proposed place an implant and an artificial tooth on it.

    Željko Dobrić Slavonski Brod

    I recently became a patient dr.Leko and have only words pohvale.Već long had anyone in such detail and patience explained the possibilities and solutions for my problems with teeth.
    In most cases it was either removed or left as is, but here I got a lot more options.
    So just a big thank you !!!!

    Miroslava Mrkalj Slavonski Brod

    As usual, the tooth hurts during public holidays or other non-working days. Hold on these two days with the help of all kinds of Painkiller, finish the work urgently, the boss let me go to the dentist.

    Sandra Stoić Slavonski Brod

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