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Testimonial #1

As usual, the tooth hurts during public holidays or other non-working days. Hold on these two days with the help of all kinds of Painkiller, finish the work urgently, the boss let me go to the dentist. But as the winter holidays, and my dentist, Fetiva sarajlija went for a long weekend. The doctor who had changed, not for yesterday afternoon. With growing pain and frustration I go to look for the first dentist. I happen to find myself in a one-way street (oddly, I went in the right direction) and see tabluStomatološka Practice Jasna Leko. I closed Wednesday afternoon. Chilled, frustrated, with painful bite into the warm and cozy waiting room. I see, I was third in line, but it’s warm, at least I’ll get warm. Get a nurse, I tell her problem. She politely replied to wait a little. Soon called me in, and I took a doctor seal below that occurring pain and cleanse my festering area. With a smile he says: “Here, now will be easier.” I wonder, how much should I pay. He tells me that it was just a small intervention, that will not be charged. Still with a smile on his face. I’m a little speechless. That usually happens when someone hits something beautiful, something that touches me somewhere inside. One thing I am sure, for some of my dental procedures, I will turn to the one-way street. Thank you Dental Office Jasna Leko.